1:1 Mobile Device Implementation

1:1 Program Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 (from 2017)

St Augustine Primary School endeavours to provide all staff and students with the skills, tools and mindset to achieve success in a rapidly changing technological and information rich world.

Why implement a 1:1 Mobile Device Program?

ICT has been recognised as an important skill that provides a foundation to the new Australian Curriculum. It underpins all other learning areas.

Children in Years Three, Four and Five are required to provide a Chromebook for learning. This is NOT an ‘opt in’ program; all students are expected to have a Chromebook for the start of the school year.

What does a 1:1 Mobile Device Program mean?

By integrating information and communication technologies into all areas of the Australian Curriculum, we aim to provide powerful and effective tools to engage students; empower teachers and involve parents in developing lifelong learners. Through the 1:1 Mobile Device program we will continue to work in partnership with our parents and wider school community to develop students into responsible digital citizens who are able to interact collaboratively as members of the connected global community.

What will the costs be?

Parents will be expected to supply their child with the chosen device to be used at school. The family will own the device. Devices can be purchased through the school or privately, however must meet the specifications provided by the school.

Why are we using Chromebook?

  • Virus protection is built in
  • Fast turn on and login
  • The Chromebook is an affordable and practical device. It is robust and portable
  • Software updating is automatic

Why the ‘cloud’?

  • The ‘cloud’ allows high parent access and engagement in student learning
  • Students and parents have access to their work, anywhere, any time

Teaching pedagogies include:

  •  (GAFE) Google Apps for Education
  • Google Apps is a core suite of communication and collaboration applications that allow students to work from any device on documents and projects
  • Once a school registered email address is registered with Google Apps for Education, teachers and students can unlock Google’s apps with one login
  • An “office suite” of tools – Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more – that offers the ability to work from any device as well as share and collaborate
  • Because all Google Apps save to the cloud, teachers and students gain the flexibility to work from any computer or device
  • Students and teachers can seamlessly save work and collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously.


2017-BYOD flyer

Updated Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the link below for a comprehensive understanding of the expectations of the use of technology across the curriculum.