Learning to Aspire


St Augustine Primary School welcomes children into a caring and stimulating environment where educators give witness to Catholic beliefs, values, and attitudes. Our actions, attitude, and teaching nurtures children to apply Gospel teachings and values in all they do. 

In partnership with parents, our school contributes to the development of students’ sense of self-worth, enthusiasm for learning and optimism for the future. We believe our students are creative and independent thinkers, great problem solvers, and communicators who learn and grow through intentional play experiences and explicit skills teaching. Through these methods, the children develop the foundations for literacy and numeracy. 

Our classrooms cultivate a joy for learning and a passion for problem solving, empowering children to reach great heights as reflective thinkers, working collaboratively and independently. Building upon the foundations laid in the early years, we prepare our students to be active and informed citizens in an ever-changing world. We believe they are adaptive and exploratory learners who can apply their learning and understanding in different contexts and in a variety of different ways. We believe that all students can be curious, creative, critical, reflective, and independent thinkers. 

Our educators are deliberate, purposeful and reflective in their planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning. Evidence based programs and interventions are implemented to provide every learner with the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery through a mandated curriculum that is developmentally and culturally appropriate. Education environments are collaborative, technologically rich, and student-centred that aim to inspire a joy and passion for lifelong learning. They are flexible, fluid areas designed to support the individual needs of the students. 
St Augustine Primary School believes families are the children’s first and most influential educators. We will engage and build collaborative relationships with families and other agencies to support the development of the whole child.