Specialist Learning Areas


Our school employs a teacher of Italian and Pre-primary to year 6 students have 60 minutes of Italian instruction per week. Language Week is held in term two. Year 5 students also participate in ‘My Chinese Teacher’ an online program that links students to a teacher in China for one Mandarin language lesson per week.


A music specialist is employed to coordinate the school’s music program and choir. Kindergarten to year 6 students have one 30 minute music lesson per week and the school also offers the services of a private instrumental music company where students can participate in individual or group lessons in the instrument of their choice


The physical education specialist is responsible for the school’s physical education program which includes

Skills – 1 x 45 minute session per week for Kindergarten to Year 6
Class Sport – 1 x 45 minute session per week

All students participate in a faction athletics carnival, usually in term three. Students are required to be sun safe and wear hats and sunscreen for sport, physical education and fitness.

Students in years 1-6 attend swimming lessons at the beginning of the school year and students in years 4-6 participate in a school faction swimming carnival usually held at the end of term 1.


Our school has a dedicated science teacher. This program provides the students with many opportunities for hands-on activities and makes science an authentic part of everyday life
Science helps students to become critical thinkers by encouraging them to use evidence to evaluate the use of science in society and the application of science in daily life. 

We celebrate Science Week in term two.


Visual Arts and Music is integrated within the classroom curriculum. We host a biennial Visual Arts Display (even years) to showcase the great work of our students). Our students also participate in an annual dance program with an exciting performance finale for parents.