1950s – 60s

In 1952 the urgent need for a Catholic School in Rivervale was answered by the Sisters of Mercy, who commenced teaching forty children from Junior School to Year 3. In 1956, The Presentation Sisters agreed to staff the school to Year 7 (boys to Year 4). The same year, construction began on the ground floor of the present brick building and a second storey was added in 1959 to cater for a Girls’ Junior High School. The first School Board and Parents & Friends’ Association was formed in 1969.

1970s – 80s

In 1972, the school reverted to a Primary School with girls to Year 7 and boys to Year 5. In 1974 the school became fully co-educational. Construction of the new administration, staff area and classroom was completed in 1977. The first Pre-Primary class was inaugurated in an adjacent renovated house. In this same year, the first refugee students from Vietnam were enrolled into the school. In 1985 the building containing the Library, ESL classroom, Canteen and under croft was completed.

2000 – present

In 2004 Mr Art Lombardi was appointed as the first Lay Principal after 52 years of leadership by religious orders. In 2005 the Undercover Area, Multipurpose Room, renovated Library, Canteen and stairwell was completed. In 2009, Commonwealth funding enabled the refurbishment of the Administration area, and improvements made to establish an Art room and a Multi-purpose room. The Building the Education Revolution program with the assistance of the Catholic Education Office saw the construction of the Multipurpose Hall with meeting room, kitchen and canteen completed in 2010.

In 2012, the 60th year anniversary of the school, Ms Jonnine Lamborne was appointed Principal. Renovations to the Pre-Primary, Kindergarten and Children’s toilets and furnishing of the Teacher resource room took place in 2013. 

In 2018 and 2019 Summer holidays, significant refurbishments of the play areas has taken place, including a wood play ground with strength and agility activities, hard court replacement and synthetic turf to the former grassed area.

In 2019, Mr John Ryan was appointed Principal. 

In 2021 and 2022 full refurbishment of Kindergarten and Pre-primary playground. Purchase of property next door to school will see larger play and learning space for students. Resurfacing of basketball court and new lift also installed. 

In 2023, Ms Adriana Coniglio was appointed as Principal. The Staff and Catholic School Advisory Council look forward to continuing to make improvements across the school to ensure the best possible earning environment for the students.

Today with enrolments up to 200 students, the school is well equipped to confidently participate in the exciting world of providing a rigorous and nurturing Catholic education.