Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities occur regularly at St Augustine's Primary School and are made available to students of all year levels.

Chess Club

Chess club is offered to students of all years every Thursday morning from 8.00am in the Hall foyer classroom. Whilst playing chess students can improve their academic skills such as concentration, reasoning, creativity, and problem solving. Students can also enhance life skills through chess, such as learning from mistakes, considering consequences, thinking ahead, and building confidence. 

The St Augustine chess club also contributes to a student’s sense of community as they can play and become friends with students from every year and class.  

Keyed Up Music 

Keyed Up Music provides a comprehensive music program which is well-rounded, dynamic and fun. The students can participate in the private instrumental music lessons either individually or in a group based on their instrument of choice. All students take part in a school music concert at the end of the school year. 

Keyed Up Music is a full teaching member of ASME (Australian Society of Music Educators). 

Cross Country training club 

At St Augustine's Primary School we have a Cross Country training club for students during Term One and Two at Lee Reserve. The club is a great way to start the day, helps maintain fitness and is lots of fun.