Learning Support & Extension

Learning Support (corrective and extension) is the process our school undertakes to support individuals at educational risk or who may fail to achieve within the learning environment without the correct support and/or extension.

The Learning Support program is overseen by the Learning Support Coordinator and the Learning Support teacher in conjunction with the classroom teacher. The Learning Support Team (including the Principal or delegate) coordinates and supports all aspects of the Learning Support Program within the school. 

The Learning Support Program is based on short intervals of specific intervention to meet the specific requirements of the student. 


Sounds-Write is a structured, systematic, synthetic phonics program. The program specifically address the key elements of conceptual understanding, factual knowledge, and the essential skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation. Sounds~Write promotes the use of multi-sensory engagement including visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities that are combined simultaneously to promote learning.


Students in the extension group or HOTSkills (Higher Order thinking Skills) work with a dedicated teacher to extend their abilities in creative problem solving. Parents are notified if their child is involved in the program. 


Extension Students in years 4-6 participate in the Opti-MINDS challenge - a team based creative problem-solving programme. It is an opportunity for all those with a passion for learning and problem solving to showcase their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way. Teams are required to solve demanding, open-ended Challenges from one of the following disciplines: Language Literature, Science Engineering or Social Sciences. Parents are notified if their child is involved in the program.