Specialist Learning Areas


In the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Learning Area, students learn to communicate effectively in languages other than English. They gain an understanding of other societies, the ability to interact with people and cultures other than their own and practical skills which they can use in future social, cultural and vocational areas. 

Our students learn Italian as a second language from Pre-Primary to Year 6. We use a range of activities such as classroom instructions, stories, viewing, speaking and listening, and digital technology activities to immerse the children in the language. Students are encouraged to speak in Italian and apply their learning in a range of tasks. 


A music specialist is employed to coordinate the school’s music program and choir. The program provided to Kindergarten to year 6 students has been carefully planned to develop their musical knowledge, understanding and skills. This consists of one class music lesson per week and whole school liturgical singing. 

Students are able to demonstrate what they have learnt through performance opportunities at class liturgies, school assemblies and the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. We offer students the opportunity to participate in choir in Year 3, 4, 5, 6 Choir for boys and girls.

The school also offers the services of a private instrumental music company where students can participate in individual or group lessons in the instrument of their choice. 


All students are involved in a number of physical activities to enhance their skills and well-being, with each class participating in Physical Education activities for general fitness and weekly sport lessons. The Kindergarten and Pre- Primary students also participate in a Perceptual Motor Program.

As part of our physical education program we offer whole school dance, athletics, swimming, netball and football, as well as school and interschool opportunities in swimming and cross country and interschool cricket.


The Arts have the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging them to reach their creative and expressive potential.

Our visual arts teacher aims to plan a program that engages, inspires and encourages our students to use their imagination in creative and expressive ways. Students learn to use specific art techniques, processes, technologies and design skills to create artworks. They develop the language to critically respond and evaluate artwork. 

At St Augustine's Primary School, we host a biennial Visual Arts Display (even years) to showcase the great work of our students). Our students also participate in an annual dance program with an exciting performance finale for parents. The students have the opportunity to display their learning at assemblies which are held throughout the year.